Anonymous asked: hey whats hunterxhunter about?? I assume its good because you blog about it a lot :) Would you recommend I watch it??


UM ok well I only started watching it 2 weeks ago and I’m only on ep 76 so far but I’ll tell ya what I know.

The anime looks like a really cliche cute shounen anime about friendship and adventure. But it’s not. It’s a trap. There’s so much body horror and death and violence and none of it is censored. (Please please please do not watch if you’ve got any kinda body horror or death triggers because there are people who are shot in the head, or decapitated, or skulls crushed, necks twisted, limbs go missing, etc.) It also gives off a no tech fantasy vibe but it’s not they have planes and computers and guns. ANYWAY

It’s about this cute little wild child named Gon who wants to be a Hunter like the dad he never knew. His goal is to meet his dad, Ging. The story starts with him setting off to take the Hunter exam and along the way he meets Kurapika and Leorio. They clash a lot but Gon pulls them together. After a few tests, the three of them make it to the real part of the exam. That’s where Gon meets Killua. They’re the only kids there so they hit it off real fast. Like really fast. They’re seriously meant for each other (not necessarily as a ship but they just physically and emotionally need each other I cannot stress this enough). Oh, and Killua is an assassin prodigy and his goal was to be friends with Gon (not realizing they were friends from the start). I won’t say the results of the exam but it shocked me and pretty much the rest of the anime after that.

Overall, I haven’t reached any agonizingly sad parts yet, so I love watching Gon and Killua train and become impossibly fast and powerful children while still being children. That’s something I don’t get from manga or anime often. Kids still have fun playing rock paper scissors and it just warms my heart seeing kids being kids (do not underestimate them though holy crap). It’s serious when it has to be and absolutely adorable when it needs to be. But it’s astonishingly gory and violent which I happen to love so it’s like a bonus for me but could be a horrible realization for some. I took out 76 episodes in two weeks for a reason but I’ve been taking it slow to make the happy last because I hear the whole fandom has been crying. I think the animation is the real charm for me because I just love seeing unique fight scenes at impossible speeds and impact. 





All my favorite Harry Potter bad lip reading gifs I have collected 



I don’t think I ever showed you guys this but we have a dog named Booker and this is his tag.






Since Halloween is coming up soon, I figured I would try to make a small guide on how to tell if something is a jumpscare video or not. Please keep in mind that this isn’t 100% accurate, and the best thing to do is use your own judgement.

That said, usually a video contains a jumpscare if:

  • It tells you to look closely or to turn the music up, or already has small/poor quality images and quiet music
  • If it’s on Youtube, the comments and ratings will either have poor reactions (ex. “wtf is wrong with you!!! that scared my (insert younger family member here)”) or be disabled.
  • The most recently circulated one (a flashing/screaming image of Jeff the Killer) is a .swf file, so if you’re sent a suspicious link, hover over it. If it ends in .swf, it’s best to just not open it.
  • The most popular jumpscares are “Relaxing Car Ride,” “Scary Maze,” “Subliminal Images and Music,” “Michael Jackson Ghost,” “Kikia,” and “Where’s Waldo?”

Also keep in mind that Youtube now enables automatically-repeating videos, meaning that some screamers may repeat themselves over and over until you close the window (in non-Youtube instances, the site may even make it to where you can’t close the window, meaning that you or someone else has to unplug your computer).

Stay safe, and have a happy Halloween!


Someone messaged me recently about tinyurls, and how people have been using them to send people jumpscares. If you have a concern regarding a tinyurl, add preview. to the beginning of the url (including the period!) so that it will show you what the link leads to! for example, if the link was “”, you would type “” (for those who are worried, the url leads to cuteroulette)

Again, stay safe!

bless u

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